Where the hell have you been!?

I’m sorry, I’m sorry… ugh. What day is it? 

*side note – have you heard Tori Kelly’s Dear No One? I suggest you do… 

Anywhoooo….. I’ve been so busy this week with writing and editing and therapy and drinking (KIDDING! (not really)) and parent teacher interviews and editing and editing and editing… that it’s already Thursday and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you where Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday went. I digress… 

So yesterday I had a complete fangirl moment when I tweeted Bella Andre about her Sullivan series (which if you are a romance fan I HIGHLY recommend you pick up because I cannot put them down!) not expecting anything in return – I mean she is a best selling author and amazing at what she does and well she doesn’t have time for the paltry people who sigh and fantasize with her stories BUT she tweeted me back!!!!! and we had a lovely conversation over the twittersphere! How wonderful!! so that kept me smiling for a long while! *another digression… 

Gilded Promise, book 3 is almost complete!!! almost ready to take its first steps into the big bad world of Amazon! **exciting** 

Also! I’ve been putting together a book blitz with a giveaway of Gilded Feathers, book 1 that will hopefully be running during the week of December 2-6 so keep your eye out and enter to win! – if you’re a book blogger and want to take part let me know! 

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