Monday, Monday, Monday….

Cold, snowy, early onset winter blues… grrrr! 

Do you ever have those days where you have been non stop all day but when you finally get to relax you can’t quite figure out what exactly you accomplished? That’s been my day today. I edited some… I HAVE to finish this third book – Gilded Promise before I can start on book 4 so my goal is to have the final read through completed by end of the day tomorrow (how long have I been saying that?) I’m itching to get started on my new book BUT I can’t until this series is DONE! I am so excited to get these last two novels from the Gilded Feathers series out and into the world of Amazon!

Yesterday I was able to escape for a couple of hours with my daughter to the new Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto – what a fantastical place! (and extremely crowded too – but worth it!) I took a couple of pictures and posted them on instagram (jwoods_author) including a blue lobster that I’ve almost made it my life’s mission to obtain… I want it.  

The sky is now dark and I am so excited to lose myself in the next book of Bella Andre’s Sullivan series – Come A Little Bit Closer with the dreamy Smith Sullivan…. *breathy sigh (I’ll be posting my review on the entire series once I’m done! I can’t put them down) 

What novel did I receive this week to review you ask? – well! the title is: Double Hue by Briana Lawrence – review coming this week! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and a sunny Monday… 

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