Oh hey there!

Okay so a few things… I FINISHED THE FINAL EDIT for Gilded Promise, book 3… phew, now to tackle the publishing!

You may notice a few new changes to the blog… a few added pages including a reviews page as well as a giveaways page!

But really, I wanted to tell you – there will be a GIVEAWAY for one ebook copy of GILDED FEATHERS STARTING NEXT WEEK!!! woohoo! so PLEASE like, share, tweet, anyway you can spread the word… well that would be fantastic!!! Tweet me or find me on Facebook! I will be tweeting about it all week and posting on Facebook so feel free to squeeze in a retweet or a share!

You can find the giveaway on the GIVEAWAY PAGE or on


I stood dumbstruck standing in the doorway – a vehemence of emotions racketing through me. The words human girl flashed on repeat behind my eyes – my knees felt weak as I gripped the cool surface of the counter top beside me. “I am done with this conversation, whatever it is that is brewing, let it. I’m going back to bed.” He let out a frustrated growl and put his phone in his pocket. His back still toward me, he swiped his hands over his face as I took in his bare chest and feet, clad only in jeans. I moved robotically, stealthily through the screen door. He turned around to find me standing on the small deck, a look of horror stilled on his face. I looked down his bare upper body out of habit and noticed the heart of his tattoo was luminous in a deep red. My eyes stayed on this spot until I dragged them back up to meet his.

“I think it’s time you tell me where you went.”




Have a fantastic day guys & dolls! I’ll be posting some reviews over the weekend for the novels I received this week!


J. xx

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