And the blitz continues!!!

^&%$#@* my internet is making me swear in symbols – that’s how bad it is!!!!! grrr… 

*complete random ramblings right now but can I tell you how obsessed I am with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ White Walls? I can’t get enough! okay back on track… 

Anywhoo… as the title states – THE BOOK BLITZ CONTINUES!!!  

To reiterate old and new stops, here they are:

The Demon Librarian

A Little Bit of R&R

Pieces of Whimsy

To Read or Not To Read

Jenuine Cupcakes

Paranormal Book Club

All of the above wonderful book blogs are hosting a giveaway so enter to win!!!!! (pst – it’s free!!)

The book blitz will continue next week with different stops so I’ll make sure to post those as well! 

Want to know what I received this week to review!? O-kay, I’ll tell you! 

Blood Roses by Jason T. Graves

Hopeless For You by Hayden Hill

Reviews will be up this weekend! 

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