The time has finally come…

Infinitely Gilded, book 4 – the fourth and final book in the Gilded Feathers series has just been published! O-M-G! It will be live and available on Amazon in just a few short hours *happy dance*

Also – before it goes live, I thought I would show you loyal readers the first sneak peak of THE COVER!!!! *drum roll please….. 


Oh isn’t she a beaut! 

Infinitely Gilded Book Description:

What if everything you thought to be true… wasn’t?

After a year of perishing in a desolating inferno, Cole Evans is surprised when her senses develop an intrigue for the savagely mysterious Dash.   

Determined to uncover the secrets hidden in the dark depths of his entrancing eyes, Cole finds herself torn between guilt and temptation.

Her wandering soul fights relentlessly for answers only to find the darkest one of all followed by a series of extraordinary events. Unraveling with devastating and profound realities at the heart of danger, Cole’s fate is illuminated by an altering course where fears and dreams, loss and love converge into a symphony of spectacular – infinitely gilded.     

I hope you’re all staying warm and cozy on this chilly Wednesday…

Please check it out & I thank you endlessly for your support! xo 

Happy Hump Day! 

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