Hey stranger…

Hello guys & dolls! 

I realize it has been a while since I posted and I do apologize; when I start a new novel I tend to lose myself within the story and days pass, sometimes weeks and I truly have no idea how much time has gone by… So I thought I would take a quick breather and send a quick update! 

We have lots going on, which is exciting and a great pick me up after the holidays! 

Starting January 18 you can enter to win one of FIVE series giveaways! That’s right, you can win the ENTIRE Gilded Feathers Series!!! (cue the oooh’s & awe’s) Just click on the Giveaways page! So make sure to do that, you deserve it 😉 

There are some new articles that I’ve posted on examiner.com – you can find me there under Toronto Book Examiner! http://www.examiner.com/books-in-toronto/jessica-woods

What else… *drums fingers… Oh I know! My new series! Oh how I love falling in love with new characters (sigh) The series is entitled The Savage Series and the first novel *drumroll please… Savage Seduction – this series is strictly contemporary romance with some suspense and some delicious military men thrown in (cue the swoon) Recently I received the new cover art for this first novel which kicked my butt into higher gear needing to finish this novel and get it out to all you romance fans! I will keep you updated when a take another breather, but for now, I dive back in! 

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