Is it Monday again!? New Week, New Review!

The Accidental Submissive (The Mansion, #1) by Leah J. Michaels



What’s a girl to do when fate hands her a look into her darkest fantasies? Grab on with both hands, both cuffed hands. Karen McGuven’s dangerously curious nature has gotten her into trouble before, but this time she’s hit the mother lode. Kneeling on the auction block she hears the gavel hit and SOLD just as the blood drains from her head. What has she gotten herself into now?

When Steven Edwards looks up and sees an angel kneeling on his auction block, he knows something’s wrong. Because the angel on her knees isn’t the pain kitten the auctioneer is selling. When he rescues her from a sadist, he can’t help but want to keep her for himself.

When she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation, and possibly hunted by the Russian mob, he takes her under his protection. Keeping her close to keep her safe, he doesn’t even mind as she stumbles into his heart.


When Karen’s boss asks her to personally deliver a package to The Mansion, she finds herself in a heap of trouble including being cuffed and on stage at a BDSM auction. After reading BDSM, Karen finds she is excited to be enthralled in the heart of the community, especially when Steven aka Sir, who calls her Kitten, and with her curious nature how could he call her anything else!, allows her to explore the submissive side of her she had been wanting to experience. 
The novel was well written, a story line unlike anything I have read and was happily surprised when I found myself laughing out loud. The BDSM aspect of the novel seems to be the main focus, however for the majority, it is tame yet passionate. 
Leah J. Michaels delivered a hot, humorous, erotic romance leaving the reader anticipating book #2.

About the Author:

Leah started writing about ten years ago. At the time she was under the misguided conception she was a fantasy fiction writer. After working on that book for seven years and eventually using it to line her kitchen cabinets she took Mark Twain’s advice and decided to write what she knew. She knew romance. She’d been reading them and rewriting the ones she didn’t like since she’d discovered Regency in high school. So now she writes what she loves, runs after her two kids and squeaks every times her husband pinches her ass.

Where to find Leah:



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