Review: Fit To Be Tied (The Mansion, #2) by Leah J. Michaels

#SundayFunday is this novel… if you are looking for a funny, steamy, sexy novel – this one is it! 


What’s a man to do when his fantasy walks into the room in a mask, ornate corset, and miniskirt made of feathers? Grab his favorite length of blue silk rope and tie her to his bed.

Mikhail Azarov’s life was sitting at a standstill. His undercover case had finally broken, and he was free of the character he’d been playing for five years. But when you walk in the gutter there’s no way to stay clean. Haunted by the things he’d done, Mikhail had given up the dream of a wife and family. The kind of woman he wanted to be the mother of his children wasn’t attracted to a man covered in tattoos who was rumored to beat his girlfriend. But when Abigail Mallory walks into his arms, all pearls, ribbons, and jeweled, manicured toes, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her.


Well Leah J. Michaels did it again! 
I really enjoyed the first novel in this series, The Accidental Submissive and could possibly have fallen further in love with this one. 
The characters were wonderfully developed and the passion and romance that bubbled throughout the entire novel was palpable.
I couldn’t put this book down, reading it in one sitting – something about the strong tattooed Azarov that had me exhaling breathy sighs every other page kept me entranced. 
I love romance novels that have strong heroines and Abigail Mallory is exactly that, especially when she is standing up to obsessed stalkers – or when has a gun in her hand. 
Her friend James, who also works at the Mansion, adds wonderful wit and humor along with the glimpses of Sir and Kitten from the first novel, I found myself laughing out loud with this story. 
When Azarov moves into The Mansion to continue his stay under the eyes of his watchdogs after his undercover case had finally broken, he can’t help but keep his eyes off The Mansion’s sexy event planner Abigail. After a couple months of sneaking peeks at each other, Abigail finally falls into his arms and into his bed – tied with a blue rope. Their romance stays the course of hot and heavy even when things take a turn for the worse. 
Michaels delivers a wonderful and romantic tale filled with hot and heavy scenes and on top of the steamy panting and heavy muscles, she is able to brilliantly deliver funny and strong characters.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a third novel in this series, can’t wait to read more!

About The Author:

Leah started writing about ten years ago. At the time she was under the misguided conception she was a fantasy fiction writer. After working on that book for seven years and eventually using it to line her kitchen cabinets she took Mark Twain’s advice and decided to write what she knew. She knew romance. She’d been reading them and rewriting the ones she didn’t like since she’d discovered Regency in high school. So now she writes what she loves, runs after her two kids and squeaks every times her husband pinches her ass.

 Where to find Leah:


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