Review: From Darkness by D R Gordon

attn all horror fans! 


A Victorian age girl is pursued by a mysterious suitor.

Deep in the backwoods a pair of hunters become the hunted.

The great dreamer travels through the void searching for his final resting place.

A group of revellers head to the ultimate club, but, what is the door charge?

D R Gordon’s Debut horror collection “From Darkness” is filled with monsters. Monsters of the flesh and the mind. You will find ghosts, demons, and gods of old within these pages; a myriad of fiends born from Darkness. In the tradition of the grandfathers of short horror fiction Poe, Lovecraft, Blackwood and Le Fanu D R provides snapshots of the human mind at its most fiendish, its most terrified, its darkest.

His sharp style takes us from a fifteenth century village, as a witch hunter comes to town, to the grimy backstreets of modern cities, where ladies of the night ply their wares, with the skill and ease of an accomplished wordsmith.

Beware those who enter the world of D R Gordon, you will not come out the same.


This was the first book I picked up by author D R Gordon and being wary with the horror genre, I was pleasantly surprised with the author’s collection of short stories.

I can only appreciate horror when it truly affects me and D R Gordon’s stories did just that without any false sense of scary.  The writing in each story is impeccable, drawing the reader into characters that are relatable and tales that send prickly icicles through your blood.  

I found myself captivated from the beginning poem that sets the stage for the entire book; the stories themselves stand out on their own but flow together smoothly to create an entrancing anthology.

I literally felt the chills run through me as I looked around before turning the page and further into the darkness that pulls you into its perfection of horror.  The bits of romance and humor thrown in gave the book its very own pedestal within its genre and I look forward to reading more from this author.  

About the Author:

I am a nomad who’s wandered the globe for many a year now. My passport says I’m Australian and I think of Newcastle and Melbourne, Australia, as equal homes. I’ recently relocated to Germany seeking the Berlin artist’s scene.
I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, exploring new places, and of course, reading and writing. I’ve been writing since the third grade and haven’t stopped since. Personally I read a lot of Poe, Lovecraft, Blackwood and Le Fanu. It doesn’t take a scholar to see their influences throughout my work.
I completed my Bachelor of Arts as an English Literature major, Philosophy minor, at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch New Zealand. I also started a Masters of Creative writing in Melbourne, but put it aside after gaining a diploma because, funnily enough, it was taking up too much of my writing time.

Where to find D R:



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