Book Review – Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1: Brutally Honest Book Reviews

Title: Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1: Brutally Honest Book Reviews

Author: Glenn Conley

book cover - glenn hates books

Book Description:

WARNING: There’s a lot of unnecessary profanity in this book.
Why? Because… Because REASONS!

This book contains over 100 brutally honest book reviews. These laugh-out-loud reviews are offensive in every way possible. There’s so much unnecessary profanity, it’s crazy. But it’s not the profanity or offensiveness that makes this book worth reading. It’s the honesty.

You will find 1 star reviews in this book, that absolutely tear the book to shreds, because the book was really that bad. But you will also find 5 star reviews in this book, because the book was actually that good.

It contains reviews of popular books such as Gone Girl, The Giver, The Maze Runner, and many other popular books. Of course, it also includes plenty of books you’ve probably never heard of.

There’s reviews that urge you to read a book, because it’s so good. And also, reviews that warn you to stay the hell away from certain books, because they’re bad. So bad.

In the end, you’ll laugh while reading this book. And cry. And possibly vomit. You’ve been warned.

Book Review:

If you’re into crude humour then Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1 Brutally Honest Book Reviews is for you. It is obscure and comedic and I found myself laughing out loud while reading this book. The raw honesty in each review is proof of Glenn’s passion about his reading choices and it’s palpable in this collection of reviews.

I liked how Glenn has grouped each star rating reviews together – first the 1 of 5 Absolutely-F*#@ing-Terrible Stars, then we move onto the 2 of 5 Makes-My-Head-Hurt Stars, then 3 of 5 Why-Bother Stars and so on until 5 of 5 Must-Read stars! Each section of the book I found myself laughing or grinning at Glenn’s opinions, some I’m not sure I would agree with but that’s the point of a review! I found parts of the book a bit repetitive with profanity and insults but nothing that made me want to throw the book across the room as Glenn found with some of this choices.

“It’s the story of Biff, Jesus’ childhood friend. But of course, Biff calls him ‘Josh’, as you do. The book details the years that were left out of the Bible, the actual childhood of ‘Josh’ and Biff. How they learned kung-fu together. Discovered coffee. Invented sarcasm.”

Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1 Brutally Honest Book Reviews was both hilarious and a little terrifying and it is definitely a book I would recommend if you are looking for raw humour and brutal honesty. After reading Glenn Conley’s book I’m wondering if Glenn really does hate books – his collection of reviews is impressive and makes me wonder if it’s quite the opposite.

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