the day has FINALLY come!

happy happy Friday! The day has come that SAVAGE DESIRE is finally here!


If you’re anything like me, the idea of falling in love with a tall, dark, dangerous stranger is something to swoon over. But what about falling in love with that person before ever laying eyes on them?

I was so excited to sit down and write SAVAGE DESIRE because it was finally time for one of the Savage women to fall in love – and who better than the genius behind it all, Cameron.

While her focus is on becoming a more active part of the team, her brothers are less than comfortable with the idea. Knowing nothing is more important than proving herself, the first time Cameron hears Jack’s voice, she wonders at the shift in her priorities. There’s something about the mystery of the man on the other side of the world that has her entranced and wanting more.

Jack’s only focus in life has been his job. That is until one night and one fluke, or as some would call it, fate, when the sweetest voice he’s ever heard changes everything. When plans for the future are shattered after a mission goes haywire, the only person Jack can rely on is the woman he’s never met. The same woman who holds his heart.

Writing a strong female lead like Cameron Savage, hers and Jack’s story was a long road but worth every struggling idea until it became everything their happy every after deserved. As Jack and Cameron grew, so did I, learning and laughing and falling in love right along with them.

I hope reading about my Savages bring you just as much joy as they bring me writing about them.

Warm Wishes & Happy Reading!


Read an excerpt

She was his angel, the woman of his dreams. He could almost see her, her face blurred by the wall of smoke in front of him. She stood among the chaos; the screams filled the air around them, the rancid smell of death permeated the wind whipping through her halo of raven hair. The war around him continued as his focus remained on her, only her. Always her. He needed to get her out of there, it was too dangerous for the woman of his dreams. Children cried and women screamed, echoing the nightmares of the violence that was currently tearing their world apart. He could feel the bullets fly past him, the heavy weight of the guns in his hands. He distantly heard his own voice, barking orders to the rest of his team. They followed his word as they were trained to do – yesterday, today, and they would continue following him tomorrow. No one seemed to notice her but him. The only beauty in the stifling, malevolent darkness, she stood stoic, serenity wrapping around her.

He felt the darkness lifting from his nightmare, the dull, early morning sun warming his face. He didn’t want to open his eyes because he knew, no matter how imagined, she was his only peace.

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