REVIEW: The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One: AZZY


Book Description:

“Azzy” is the first of six novels in a series dedicated to “The six wives of Mobi D’Ark”.

The novels are based on the life and times of a heavy drinking, much wedded and much-travelled English adventurer, who caroused and debauched his way across four continents, making and losing several fortunes along the way.

Mobi married his first wife in 1970, and his last wife, forty-four years later, in 2014
In this, the first novel of the series, it is 1969 and the young adventurer flees from his new life in North America and decides to take a job working for the oil industry in West Africa. It is a time when Nigeria was still adjusting to its post-colonial era and is in the throes of a bloody civil war.

Nigeria is Mobi’s home for the next two and half years and this is where he belatedly experiences his sexual awakening and has many erotic adventures, before – and after – meeting the sensuous, hot-blooded, volatile Azzy, a gorgeous young black girl from the bars of Lagos.

They set up home in the war-ravaged, ‘wild west’ town of Port Harcourt, and during the next two years, the couple have a stormy relationship which leads to many hair-raising adventures, and unexpected consequences.

“Azzy” is a tale of whimsy, sex, drama, violence, black magic and cliff-hanging adventures.

Mobi’s sexual awakening, his brushes with African Juju and his skirmishes with the out of control military are all graphically described in a tale which the reader will find hard to put down.


This novel took me a while to get through; it’s very in depth and detailed with adventures in growing up in love and life. Reading Mobi’s story, at times I felt bad for him, other times I really just wanted to strangle him. As a young man learning the wily ways of a woman, I could understand some of his decisions, others I couldn’t wrap my head around. Needless to say, Mobi certainly grew during his time in Nigeria, balancing his new found freedom with a profound neediness. The characters in this novel were well developed and interesting, from the bartenders to the sultry Femi to Mobi’s parents. And then there is Azzy. Sweet, crazy Azzy, the wiliest of them all. The author did a great job of setting the scene with the war ravaged villages and the hostile soldiers, it was very easy to picture the landscape as the story played out. I felt at times, the story itself was a bit long in places, some repetitive and unrealistic, however overall, I felt that the novel was certainly an interesting read.

If you’re looking for culture, violence, sex and magic, The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark is a novel to pick up. And for Mobi’s sake, I really hope wife number two is well versed in both juju and jig-a-jig.

About The Author:

Mobi D’Ark was born in 1946 in Hampshire, England and grew up in post-war, economically depressed East London/Essex. He left school at the age of sixteen to become an accountant and had a 40-year career in the world of global finance.

During this time he lived and worked extensively abroad, primarily in South East Asia, West Africa, The Middle East, and North America. He concluded his career back where he started – in the City of London.

Taking early retirement in 2,000, Mobi turned his hand to his first love, creative writing, and during the past 14 years he has written a collection of six Thai-based novelettes, a children’s novel, a crime novelette based in the Middle East and two full-length novels, both of which are largely based in Thailand.

He is presently working on a series of six novels which are collectively entitled: “The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark”.

The first novel in the series, “Azzy”, is now finished and will be published on November, 16th 2015. It will also be published by Amazon in paperback at around the same time.

“Azzy” is a 128K word novel, covering the period 1968-1971 when Mobi was based in Nigeria, during and after the brutal civil war. It is in Nigeria where Mobi met and married the first of his six wives – the sensuous, hot-blooded, highly volatile Azzy, a gorgeous black girl from the Lagos slums.

Mobi is a much-married world traveller and has been caught up in many sensational adventures, including a bloody civil war; a kidnapping; high-level government corruption; a bloody murder or two and other foolhardy escapades which on occasion, have resulted in him spending several brief spells in third-world jails.

Much of his writing is based on these personal experiences.

Mobi lives in Thailand with his sixth wife.

Where to find Mobi D’Ark:

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