New year, new projects!

I am so, SO excited to announce my new project – a little different than my usual norm which makes this project even more exciting for me.

What is it you ask? Well… I’ve decided to write a new online novel! And we all know what that means… that beautiful four letter word – FREE. The plan is to post a chapter every day on the blog for however many chapters there are (I haven’t quite finished it yet and even with an outline, I really have no idea where this is going to take me, I could add in 5 chapters or take out 7! <— total exaggeration, but you get the point.)

I guess you’re waiting for me to tell you what it’s about and all of that… does that really matter, though? Alright, fine – in one sentence: The inebriated realities of a woman taking on today’s single world.

And for the cover image… drum roll please…

swipe right

STUNNING – well, we’ve all been there. I can admit it, you should too.

When, you ask? soon…. very, very soon. Anticipation is the spice of life!

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