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I just thought to let you all know the GILDED FEATHERS SERIES GIVEAWAY STARTS TODAY!!! 


Excerpt from Infinitely Gilded, book 4:

I let out a sigh and turned to ask Dash about this afternoon when I found my lips pressed against his. His warm palm cupped my cheek tenderly and I felt myself melting. I distantly heard the retort and protest in my mind but I shooed them away giving in to the passion. I admitted to myself I wanted the taste of his lips on mine, drowning in ecstasy. I bit back the whimper that wanted to escape when he pulled back slightly, catching his breath.

“You don’t play fair,” I breathed.

“No, I don’t. Not when it comes to something I want. Not when it comes to you.” He stared into my eyes and I wanted to cling to him and never let go…

…I could do nothing but play along with the charade while I looked at him and silently asked how far do I have to go to get to you? Hoping I wasn’t making a permanent pronouncement on temporary emotion I knew patience was what I needed but right now it felt like the enemy. A part of me was drawn to him but a part of me resisted. And the resistance was what continued to push me through. I wanted to grab his face and scream at him – why? Slowly I could feel my shattered soul wandering back to me. It was testing its old stomping grounds and satisfied, fell into its original spot. Almost like a test drive, it shifted around in its seat, adjusting the mirrors, pressing a few buttons adjusting the radio and taking it for a spin. ‘It feels the same,’ my soul concluded. ‘Maybe a little more battered and bruised – definitely a fixer upper but it will do.’ And before the warmth of his mouth left mine, the mingling of our breaths becoming separate again I allowed that silly dreamer who still resided within me a fleeting glimpse of forever.      

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Hello guys & dolls! 

I realize it has been a while since I posted and I do apologize; when I start a new novel I tend to lose myself within the story and days pass, sometimes weeks and I truly have no idea how much time has gone by… So I thought I would take a quick breather and send a quick update! 

We have lots going on, which is exciting and a great pick me up after the holidays! 

Starting January 18 you can enter to win one of FIVE series giveaways! That’s right, you can win the ENTIRE Gilded Feathers Series!!! (cue the oooh’s & awe’s) Just click on the Giveaways page! So make sure to do that, you deserve it 😉 

There are some new articles that I’ve posted on examiner.com – you can find me there under Toronto Book Examiner! http://www.examiner.com/books-in-toronto/jessica-woods

What else… *drums fingers… Oh I know! My new series! Oh how I love falling in love with new characters (sigh) The series is entitled The Savage Series and the first novel *drumroll please… Savage Seduction – this series is strictly contemporary romance with some suspense and some delicious military men thrown in (cue the swoon) Recently I received the new cover art for this first novel which kicked my butt into higher gear needing to finish this novel and get it out to all you romance fans! I will keep you updated when a take another breather, but for now, I dive back in! 

Friday the 13th? Oh my!

***THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PUBLISHED FRIDAY… it’s now Sunday… good job J – good job.

I thought it was Tuesday…. Where did this week go???

This morning I woke up and found myself in the inside of a snow globe! The snow was falling and as much as we have a hate hate relationship I will admit it was a beautiful sight. There! I said it. Are you happy now Snow????

Annndddd… the BOOK BLITZ continues this week! and here are the stops! You can’t win anything FREE if you don’t enter, so do it. Now. 🙂  here are the stops (click on the links):

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Gilded Feathers Giveaway!

This week is an exciting one!!! 

Besides Cyber Monday absolutely DRAINING my bank account *sigh… We have a BOOK BLITZ AND GIVEAWAY HAPPENING! 

You could win your chance to win a copy of Gilded Feathers book 1 at http://caesarsandstraws.com/giveaways.html

or at http://www.thedemonlibrarian.com/2013/12/book-blitz-and-giveaway-gilded-feathers.html

I’ll be posting all week with each blogger that will be hosting a giveaway & tweeting about it all week – @jwoodsauthor !  

Thanks for entering and showing your support! 

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Oh hey there!

Okay so a few things… I FINISHED THE FINAL EDIT for Gilded Promise, book 3… phew, now to tackle the publishing!

You may notice a few new changes to the blog… a few added pages including a reviews page as well as a giveaways page!

But really, I wanted to tell you – there will be a GIVEAWAY for one ebook copy of GILDED FEATHERS STARTING NEXT WEEK!!! woohoo! so PLEASE like, share, tweet, anyway you can spread the word… well that would be fantastic!!! Tweet me or find me on Facebook! I will be tweeting about it all week and posting on Facebook so feel free to squeeze in a retweet or a share!

You can find the giveaway on the GIVEAWAY PAGE or on http://caesarsandstraws.com/giveaways.html


I stood dumbstruck standing in the doorway – a vehemence of emotions racketing through me. The words human girl flashed on repeat behind my eyes – my knees felt weak as I gripped the cool surface of the counter top beside me. “I am done with this conversation, whatever it is that is brewing, let it. I’m going back to bed.” He let out a frustrated growl and put his phone in his pocket. His back still toward me, he swiped his hands over his face as I took in his bare chest and feet, clad only in jeans. I moved robotically, stealthily through the screen door. He turned around to find me standing on the small deck, a look of horror stilled on his face. I looked down his bare upper body out of habit and noticed the heart of his tattoo was luminous in a deep red. My eyes stayed on this spot until I dragged them back up to meet his.

“I think it’s time you tell me where you went.”




Have a fantastic day guys & dolls! I’ll be posting some reviews over the weekend for the novels I received this week!


J. xx