The Amaranthine Chronicles Complete Series: Betrayed By Blood, Dark Revenge, The Final Battle – REVIEW


Betrayed By Blood

In a city of lies and deception, only one thing stands between chaos and justice. For centuries, a band of outlaws called the Amaranthine has kept the peace in Ormere and hidden in plain sight whilst the Order of Sorcerers spreads their deadly magic among the city’s inhabitants.
After losing her fiancé in bust gone wrong, Amaranthine Agent Kaylan Avilion returns home to discover that Elijah didn’t die but instead was changed by the twisted guards of the Order, who seek to find a dangerous artifact tied to Kaylan’s past and the murder of her family. When her sister goes missing and a foe from their past reemerges, Kaylan knows she must save Freya before she’s poisoned by the very people who took Elijah away from her. But how will Kaylan react when she learns Elijah’s secret and can they come together to stop the Order’s plan in time?

Dark Revenge

Darkness is sweeping through the city of Ormere as unnatural creatures stalk through the streets. People are dying and time is running out as a new evil threatens to take control of everything. The Amaranthine Order has been decimated leaving only a few of its people left to fight the coming terror.
Stunned by her sister Freya’s betrayal and plot to take over the city, Kaylan must do everything she can to find out what Freya plans to do when she finds an infamous book linked to the murder of their family. A book considered so dangerous that the last High Lord erased its location from history, the Amaranthine Chronicles are said to contain the darkest of all magics.
Kaylan is happy to finally have her ex-fiancé, Elijah, back in her life but he’s not the man she once knew and loved. After being turned into a shapeshifter, Elijah struggles to control his inner beast and his lingering feelings for Kaylan.
Can Elijah and Kaylan come together to stop Freya and uncover the secrets of the book before it’s too late?

The Final Battle

Darkness has claimed the city of Ormere and death has become a certainty for anyone stalking its empty streets. The government in ruins and lawlessness ensues.
After being dragged back into the past, Kaylan and Elijah barely managed to thwart her sister, Freya’s latest attempts to find and use the elusive Amaranthine Chronicles. But in her desperation to receive ultimate power, Freya will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Even if it means destroying the last of her family.
Kaylan and Elijah must work on their fragile relationship and put their personal feelings aside to find the book and stop Freya before it’s too late. But with their allies growing thin, their best friends both injured and a gang of ruthless shapeshifters close on their trail, will they finally find the book and stop Freya before time runs out? And will Kaylan have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her city and the man she loves?


The Amaranthine Chronicles Complete Series: Paranormal Romance Box Set: Betrayed By Blood, Dark Revenge, The Final Battle by [Shand, Tiffany]


I was a fan of Tiffany Shand’s first series, Denai Bound and I wasn’t disappointed with this series at all.
I read all three one right after the other; the novels definitely read more as parts of one whole novel as opposed to three separate which I found myself enjoying as each flowed nicely into the next.
Shand never disappoints when it comes to suspenseful paranormal; I do wish that each novel built a little more on the characters and this world filled with good vs evil, magic, alchemy, and the tug of rope love story simply because I was so drawn in I wanted to know more.
There were some small editing/grammatical errors however were small compared to the overall body of the story.
I love a story where the female lead is a strong on, a woman who can hold her own, and Kaylan Avilion is a woman with a backbone.
I enjoyed how the suspense level remained relatively linear throughout each novel, starting with the return of Kaylan and her reunion with Ethan as her sister goes missing and then in the 2nd novel when the truth comes to light and the search for a book that is a vessel holding dark magic fuels a greed for power and finally in the third when the fight between family and sacrifice, good vs shapeshifters and the ultimate fight for happily ever after.
A capturing and thoroughly enjoyable series from the start.






REVIEW – Denai Touch by Tiffany Shand

Title: Denai Touch

Author: Tiffany Shand

Book Description: 

Cate McCray is no ordinary witch. Prophesised to be the one to destroy the Covenant, an age-old organisation who seeks to enslave all Magickind, the race is on for them to kill her before she attains immortality.

But before receiving the phenomenal power that comes with it, she must first survive the ascension and the only person who can help her is her elemental partner, Jason Talbot.
But when the time comes, her forbidden love for Jason threatens to destroy them both.

As leader of Excalibar, an elite team of Enforcers, they work to infiltrate the Covenant leading Cate into life-threatening situations. Can she outwit them before it’s too late?


Book Review: 

Suspense, romance, paranormal… three of my favourite genres in a novel and Denai Touch didn’t disappoint.
I found myself really getting into the story by the third and fourth chapter to the point I was having trouble putting it down.
I found the concept of this novel extremely intriguing as it went against the grain of a typical paranormal romance. I was drawn into the story, intrigued by the characters and their individuality’s as well as the magnetizing magic that surrounds them, both literal and conceptual. Even though there were a lot of characters (and I found myself re-reading some parts to really understand each one – to no fault of the author) as the story came together, each one was a necessary and integral part of the novel as a whole.
I thoroughly enjoyed the strength written into the female characters in this novel, as much as some of them clashed (which, let’s be honest, conveys out of Magickind and into real life) – the fight Cate shows against both her powers and her love (and *swoon… where can I find me a Jason Talbot?) was both entertaining and entrancing. Truly a good versus evil fight, added in some family drama and a happily ever after… what could be better?
This was my first time reading Tiffany Shand and I have to say, a part of me felt both giddy and impatient at the end of the book reading when the next novel in the series was coming out!

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Review: Soulless by Toni Hofman

TGIF!!! and another review – hey all you paranormal romance fans… Soulless by Toni Hofman! 



Fairfield Detective Alexis (Alex) Martinez is in pursuit of a killer so brutal, he holds an entire city in the grip of terror. His victims are picked at random; their torture and mutilation, unspeakable. As the body count rises, Alex’s investigation puts her among the hunted-not by the serial, but by a much greater threat: a secret society with members imbedded inside world governments, law enforcement and every walk of life. Their prime objective is to avert discovery, and when her investigation comes too close to revealing their existence, Alex becomes a target. The only one that can save her is the trained assassin they’ve sent to kill her; someone who has already infiltrated her heart and mind, and who may be the monster she’s been chasing all along.

David Jason Sawyer is a predator with the face of an angel, his mind a weapon as equally formidable as his body, prince of a powerful hidden society believed to represent the next step in man’s evolution: Family. Their physiology has evolved to consume bio-energy directly. They’re stronger. They age at an incredibly decelerated rate. With their extraordinary ability to heal, they’re close to invincible. And they feed on humans to survive.

Since childhood, Sawyer has been trained to manipulate and entrap on reflex, to put emotion second and Family first; yet one moment of weakness, sparing the very detective that hunts him, the woman he has grown to love, makes him a dangerous threat his people cannot tolerate.

Now, light must join forces with darkness as Alex and David struggle to stay one step ahead of an invisible army out to silence them both.


Truthfully I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I picked up this novel. It sounded like an interesting concept and Toni Hofman absolutely lived up to the intrigue. 
From the moment I picked up this novel I was drawn in. I thought the idea of the story was an original and creative one and I found the characters to be relatable; the one thing I loved was that the man female character, Detective Alex Martinez was a strong woman with a backbone. 
Detective Martinez is on the hunt for a serial killer and when David shows up at more than one of the murder sites, he is automatically on her list of suspects. What she doesn’t understand are the urges she has toward him. 
David, or Jason as some call him, is a torn individual. He is a member of the Family, a higher “level” of being. With Alex’s digging into the murders, she puts Family at risk and in turn her own life. David, in his love for her will do anything to protect her, even turn on his own kind. 
The novel involves a lot of characters; I wouldn’t call it confusing at times, more, you have to pay attention. The story was thrilling and had more than one surprising moment; there was nothing about this book that screamed obvious which made it that much more of an enjoyable read. 
Hofman writes a gripping tale with a unique spin on the world of paranormal. 

About the Author:

Toni Hofman has been writing romances since she was thirteen years old and loving every minute of it. She is the recipient of a B.A. in English from Florida State University, a M.A. in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a previous participant in UIC’s Program for Writers. For the past 10 years, she has worked as a proposal writer and manager, focused on helping employers and clients win multi-million dollar federal and state contracts. Soulless is her debut novel and first foray into publishing. She lives in Southern California with her family.

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Friday the 13th? Oh my!

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I’ve been pondering the idea of Twitter theme days and I’ve come to the conclusion that YES! it will indeed be happening. Why not, I ask myself… so this is what I have come up with so far – 

Monday – #MotivationMonday (inspirational quotes)

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some interesting musings on a rainy Monday morning…

I was reading through a forum this morning and came across an interesting post on what makes people buy books… this is what the conclusion was (based on a study that American Booksellers Association performed) 

1. Author reputation – 52%
2. Personal recommendation – 49%
3. Price – 45%
4. Book Reviews – 37%
5. Cover/Blurb – 22%
6. Advertising (including online) – 14% 

So I have one question… Do you agree? 

What was that? Another teaser? How wonderful!

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I’m sitting here attempting to complete the final edits of Gilded Promise, book 3 of the Gilded Feathers series when I was suddenly distracted by the marathon of Ancient Aliens that continued to beckon me from my PVR. So I tell myself… it’s Friday! Take a quick break… I started the first episode and new I was done for. Turns out it’s going to be a late night of editing for me because I don’t possess the power to turn it off. 

Anyways! I promised a teaser right? At least that’s what my already written heading says… 


I felt the breath catch in my throat as the tiny tendrils from the exotic flowers that bloomed on the tree tops came to life stretching and reaching, stroking the bare skin on my arms as if testing me, tasting me, judging whether I was friend or foe. The touch was so gentle, so soft almost a tickle; I smiled as I watched the soft pistils wrap around my forearms as the very energy they breathed now hummed through my skin.

love love love reviews!

Another 5 STARS! “Paranormal Romance at it’s best!”

Reviews aren’t just important to gain exposure – I thrive on reviews (and not just the 5 star ones) for improvement in my own work and to connect with readers and fans. If you pick up one of my novels a review and/or rating would be GREATLY appreciated! 

Promo pricing on now! 

Anyways! enough of the shameless self promotion; a big day ahead of me throwing in the final edits for GILDED PROMISE, book 3 in the GILDED FEATHERS SERIES! ahhh!!! I’m sure in an hour I’ll be drowning in my editor’s pink sticky notes as I attempt to uncross my eyes. 

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