Series Synopsis – Gilded Feathers

I was asked recently to put together a series synopsis for my Gilded Feathers series – so I did, and I thought I would share!! 


When university student Cole Evans realizes the secrets hidden in the horrifying illusions of her slumber, she is faced with alluring choices and fantastical revelations. Drawn to the dark and untamed Drex and his true Guardian identity, she finds herself in the middle of an obscure fantasy and a dangerously bizarre reality. And the converging of two separate worlds. 

Across this four novel series, Cole and Drex, along with their friends Chloe and Jayde, Tommy and Heychex, struggle with the balance of danger and guilt, desire and temptation. And the impossible, devastating and profound realities at the heart of entangled passions. Fate is illuminated. An altering course is imagined. And fears and dreams, loss and love converge into a symphony of spectacular gilded feathers. 


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I just received the first novel – SAVAGE SEDUCTION – back from my editor and I’ve been working my buns off to get it ready to set free into the world! (very soon, I promise!)