themed social media days? I think so!

Good morning guys and dolls! 

I’ve been pondering the idea of Twitter theme days and I’ve come to the conclusion that YES! it will indeed be happening. Why not, I ask myself… so this is what I have come up with so far – 

Monday – #MotivationMonday (inspirational quotes)

Tuesday – #TuesdayswithTeddy (my brilliant 5 year old daughter and the brilliant-er things that come out of her mouth)

Wednesday – #HashtagHumpDay (random funny hashtags)

Thursday – #ThrowbackThursday (going to continue with this ever so popular theme) 

Friday – #FactualFriday (random facts)

Saturday – #Caturday (stolen idea… although not necessarily dedicated to only cats… other funny animals welcome as well) 

Sunday – #SundayFunday (I think this one is self explanatory) 

So there you have it folks – I’m also posting this so I can remember what the days are ha!