Savage Promise now available!

Some exciting news – SAVAGE PROMISE, book 2 of the Savage Series is NOW AVAILABLE! 

I sincerely appreciate your patience with this novel and my, ahem, extended deadlines in this hectic summer, but we got there!



Max Savage scrubbed a hand over his face – damn he was tired. He just had to get through this debrief and then he could go home and fall into his bed. He could almost hear it beckoning him – pillow top. His eyes burned with exhaustion and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d slept in a proper bed. He’d just come back from his third back to back mission and every part of him hurt. His muscles screamed at him for a break but he ignored the pleading and powered through. He knew he needed a break, he was running on fumes but a break was the last thing he wanted. Seven months ago he was the one telling his brother Logan that he needed to slow down when he demanded every mission that came through Savage Security. Now the tables were turned and Max was the one dreading the times everything was still. Because during the calm, his mind would take over and the last place he wanted to be was in his own head. Logan had settled down since he met his fiancée Zoe and Max had gladly stepped into his shoes.


Writing Max and Brie’s story was all I had hoped for and more. Before I had even started writing Max’s story I was already smitten with his charm and mischief. As their story developed, Max and Brie stole my heart as they battled for each other’s and I hope they do the same for you.

I thought I knew Max Savage with his magnetic suave and shit eating grin but as their story developed and secrets were uncovered, SAVAGE PROMISE took even me to places I didn’t realize either one of them possessed. As each of their layers are revealed, so is the danger that threatens to pull them apart before they can come together.

I hope you enjoy reading how Max and Brie turn a hot passionate night into something so much more, as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Warm Wishes & Happy Reading!