This is a very loose definition of “policy”

I read just about anything – traditionally published or self, I’m all for it.
I don’t review on a rating system – I tell you what I liked and/or didn’t like about the book… that’s it.

I’m not prejudice against any genre but I will tell you I hold a penchant for happily ever afters… sigh.

I can’t guarantee that every novel/book sent to me will be read; I am an author myself and can find myself huddled over my own stories for sometimes days at a time but when I do get the chance to read and review I grab onto it and love to lose myself in someone else’s story – those that I do accept will be read in a timely manner. I can read in ePub, Mobi or PDF but I prefer MOBI. Physical copies of books are always welcome as well!

*Although I will always try and put a positive spin on my reviews but the below image says it all…

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