What was that? Another teaser? How wonderful!

Good afternoon lovelies! 

I’m sitting here attempting to complete the final edits of Gilded Promise, book 3 of the Gilded Feathers series when I was suddenly distracted by the marathon of Ancient Aliens that continued to beckon me from my PVR. So I tell myself… it’s Friday! Take a quick break… I started the first episode and new I was done for. Turns out it’s going to be a late night of editing for me because I don’t possess the power to turn it off. 

Anyways! I promised a teaser right? At least that’s what my already written heading says… 


I felt the breath catch in my throat as the tiny tendrils from the exotic flowers that bloomed on the tree tops came to life stretching and reaching, stroking the bare skin on my arms as if testing me, tasting me, judging whether I was friend or foe. The touch was so gentle, so soft almost a tickle; I smiled as I watched the soft pistils wrap around my forearms as the very energy they breathed now hummed through my skin.

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