Review: The Girl With The Werewolf Tattoo by Alexia Wells


Veronica Lux had no idea her grandfather was a werewolf. Years ago when she came of age, he gave her an antique silver necklace and made her vow never to take it off. She kept that promise until she lost it. With it gone inexplicably she is compelled to get a wolf tattoo like her grandfather’s, except hers has two wolves. She has the mark of the wolf now and with the silver necklace, that had been shielding her gone, the hidden world of werewolves is revealed and her destined mate, an incredibly sexy alpha wolf, comes for her. Her tattoo of two wolves complicates things. Another wolf claims she is his. When she discovers that both of these alpha wolves have the same tattoo as hers, Veronica gets pulled into something she isn’t prepared to face. Who this other wolf really is, shocks them all. And it gets harder to resist the powerful draw both have on her as her inner wolf begins to emerge. This book contains explicit sexual content, including a one woman with two men threesome.



I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about this novel after I finished reading it. There are pros and cons that kind of even out for me; I found the story very fast paced, I think almost too fast at times, there was just no breathing room going from one thing to the next. And although there were some grammar and spelling issues I must say the erotic scenes were well done with excitement and sensuality and the actual storyline is an interesting one.

Veronica and her friends go to New Orleans for a bachelorette party where she meets a lady on the streets, a woman who reads people and she comments on the necklace Veronica’s grandfather gave to her with the promise that she never take it off. While in town Veronica feels the urge to get inked and that is where her life changes forever. Meeting the seductive Slade and then his brother Rafe, Veronica realizes her true potential in life – to be with these two men and live as her true self, a werewolf.

What I found too fast in this novel were how quickly the relationships moved. The novel was a short one so I can understand moving at a rapid pace but at times it was unrelatable for me. This is where I’m torn because I really enjoyed the actual story. I thought the basis of the relationships were great and the characters themselves were full of life while the erotic scenes were very well done with hot and steamy details. Alexia Wells definitely has an imagination for erotic paranormal romance with a different take on werewolves.

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